We believe independent restaurants occupy a distinctive position in the world of business. They are visible, important and integral part of the communities they serve. We recognize the risks, workload and challenges inherent in starting a restaurant. We believe there are proven insights and practices that can dramatically improve a restaurant's odds of success. If you are an independent restaurant owner, we are committed to providing practical, proven resources to enable you build a better restaurant and a better business. We function with the ideal of 7P's as the core of our success- People, Products, Process, Profit, Packaging, Produce and Publicity.


Our Vision is for Hocare Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd to become a contemporary, progressive one stop Hospitality Solutions provider by delivering exceptional customer experience. To accomplish this commitment, we are passionately focussed on delivering high-quality food products, great service and providing a world-class support system that makes our customers businesses a success.

Our Mission is to be our customers’ first choice as one stop solution for all their people, product, processes, packaging, franchising and consulting needs. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and service, to being a great place for our people to work; to being a strong, positive presence in communities; to provide exceptional service and value to our customers.


HoCaRe works to create a healthy, balanced company culture that sustains a long-term, efficient workforce, and encourages a healthy work-life balance. We help our team members grow in their current roles and dream about what's next.  Our employees are encouraged to take time to learn new skills.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re cultivating an equitable and empathetic workplace, a listening and learning culture, and an empowered and inspired community. We also have an apprenticeship program, which gives Business students and people without prior experience the opportunity to try out multiple roles to give them an insight to entrepreneurship.

HoCaRe with its co-work hub also hosts writers, designers and other interesting folks at our regular office space, so we stay inspired by people in different industries. Our workspace is designed for collaboration, featuring a mix of open office areas, quiet spaces, and an employee-run library.


Shoot for the STARZ (Speed of service, Tasty products, Accuracy, Ready to run business, Zeal towards customers.)

Build know how

People come first

Customer zealdom

Give it back to the society


Together everyone achieves more

Discipline in all process and systems

Integrity - Commitment, Honesty, Discipline, Ethics, Trust, Truthfulness

Learning and Development- Introspection, Acceptance, Understanding

Performance and Reward- Perfection, Diligence, Reward, Welfare, Enthusiasm

Empowerment and Accountability- Responsibility, Reliability, Decision making, Moderation, Authority


Excellence and Equality- Quality, Orderliness, Modesty, Grace, Tact, Justice and Service, Helpfulness, Timelines


Entrepreneurial Spirit- Creativity, Determination, Perseverance, Ownership, Courage, Wisdom, Assertiveness, Tolerance, Joyfulness, Steadfastness, Passion






 (L-R) Shivraj M , Premkumar GT, David Raj




Premkumar G T






Prem has travelled across the globe and helped in building QSR brands and also made his mark in the Indian market. Prem has over 20 years of working experience in hospitality industry- QSR and Casual Dine-in industry; and 5 years as a Restaurant Entrepreneur.


Prem started as a Team Member in Domino's Pizza, India when they launched. He opened and managed the first Pizza Hut Delco (called PHD now) unit as a Restaurant General Manager. He has half a decade of International Management experience in Bermuda and London with well-known multinational Restaurant Brands. He has been a part of the launch team of Taco Bell India as well as worked in senior management level with brands like Hard Rock Cafe and Mastkalandar.


Prem started his journey of entrepreneurship in 2013 as Chetti’s Food Concepts LLP by opening a small quick-snacks outlet in Bangalore- own brand called Victoria Terminus Vadapav; and grew the brand by opening 4 more self-owned outlets and a couple of franchised outlets. Later, he started Corporate Catering of snacks and did Tuck Shops in offices under the brand name Food@Work.


In early 2018, he founded HoCaRe Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd and acquired the concepts of Chetti’s food concepts. He looks forward to taking these gamut of brands and services to the next level and scale it up to other Indian cities, starting the base in Bangalore.


He is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with strategic outreach in Hospitality industry and believes in growing together with all the people around him- professional, personal and society. He has proven himself by demonstrating his leadership and cross-functional team building abilities along with a keen focus on business. A well rounded professional with passion for delivering results and building innovative tools that deliver against organizational goals, he quotes Jack Ma "Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.", and strives to be a formidable competitor to other brands in the market.



Shivraj M






Shivraj is the co-founder and Director at HoCaRe Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltc. He oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, statutory and internal audit and tax and legal compliance with the founder. He has extensive cross-functional experience and cross-industries expertise in Hospitality and Retail.


Shivraj has over 18 years of work experience and prior to joining HHSPL, he was consulting for Restaurateurs and Retailers. In his previous assignments, has worked with some of the most well-known brands including Pizza Hut, KFC in India and overseas. He has also been instrumental in successfully opening, managing and business development for various chains of branded restaurants in Jamaica and UK.


He is an effective leader with motivational, inter personal, problem solving and collaboration skills and an effective decision maker, proficient in handling crunch time with ease.


Shivraj is very customer oriented and willing to take responsibility: perceived as someone who can be relied up to deliver, regardless of the issues that may arise. Comfortable and experienced dealing in high value contracts with the credibility and ability to work with the board to conclude commercially beneficial agreements, often to challenging deadlines.


He has joined HHSPL in the second quarter of 2018 and plays an extremely crucial role in market penetration in Bangalore and further pan-India development plan of the business in the years to come.


Shivraj has done his MBA in International Business from Birmingham City University. He is also a Hotel Management graduate.



David Raj






David is Co-Founder and Culinary Director at HoCaRe Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd. In this function, David oversees all culinary development and implementation needs of the brand which includes menu development and planning, menu engineering, new product development, research and development, business support, kitchen planning and analysis, investor culinary relations, statutory and internal and food audits (in-house and for clients) and legal compliance.


David joined HHSPL Hospitality in the second quarter of 2018 and works closely with the other directors and investors. Within a short span, he has proven his expertise in compliance, robust innovative menu creation and internal control and business development.  He is skilled at handling key operational roles within the business with experiences of single-handedly coordinating the activities of various departments concerned with the production, pricing, purchase, logistics, maintenance, warehousing, and project management, besides others.


David has extensive knowledge in culinary and food customer service with more than 12 years’ experience including pre-opening experience, building and leading kitchen teams in well-known hospitality companies in India. Prior to joining HHSPL, David was (role) at (company). In his previous assignments David has also worked with brands like Hard Rock Café and Opus. He is a multi-tasking individual and capable of developing and creating exotic, trendy and authentic menus and dishes by constantly reading, dining out and paying attention to current events and trends in his field.




Praveen Kumar Reddy Vempalli






Praveen has been the Director of Praveen Jewellers since 2013. Despite being the fourth generation leader in their family owned jewellery business, he set out to venture into his own business. Since 2015 he has channelled his entrepreneurial skillset towards launching and building an F & B business. He started his journey by co-founding ‘American Foods’ which operated franchisee of the brand ‘Mad Over Chicken’ in Bangalore. His passion for the food business had no bounds and in a year’s time, he exited American Foods and founded Cravy Servings Pvt Ltd which operates the restaurant brand ‘Cravy Wings- The American Diner’. He is an astute, assiduous Operations Management Leader with cross functional experience in managing operations, promotional activities, quality assurance, team leadership, customer satisfaction while managing and understanding competition. 

Through the business requirements of Cravy Wings, Praveen has been associated with Chettis Food Concepts LLP for over 2 years and when the company was acquired by HOCARE Hospitality Solutions Private Limited, he invested in the company. As a Director with HOCARE he provides valuable input on data analysis and implementation and marketing.   

Praveen has an MBA in finance and marketing from India, as well as a Masters in International Business and Management from UK.







Shymal, an enterprising leader with a driven, engaging and enthusiastic management style is the Head of Operations and Logistics at HoCaRe Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is a senior procurement professional with strong negotiation skills, a keen eye for detail and a mature approach to dealing with suppliers, balancing the conflicting requirements for competitive pricing, delivery of quality products/services and the establishment of long term relationships.


Shymal has been part of Chetti’s Food Concepts since 2013 and has a solid track record of contributions that includes achieving business growth objectives, streamlining of operations, leading diverse teams of cross-functional employees, having deep understanding of different markets and customer segments. He is adept at transforming strategy into reality and utilizing resource talent and skills to produce optimum results. He is now successfully transitioned into a key role with HHSPL since its conception. 


He is a proactive, dynamic and result-oriented senior management professional with over 21 years of experience in supply chain and logistics management, strategic planning and operations management across various domains. He has an exposure to the entire spectrum of logistics and supply chain spanning, planning, directing along with coordinating buyers, purchasing officers and related workers involved in purchasing materials, products and services. He also has proven ability in inventory management and control, end-to-end distribution setup, demand and supply planning along with conducting transportation and warehousing network optimizations.